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The T-part lace body wave lace front wigs   style will be more difficult to achieve a natural-looking result if you are not familiar with it


The T-part lace body wave lace front wigs   style will be more difficult to achieve a natural-looking result if you are not familiar with it. Because you are more familiar with that particular style of transparent lace wigs, a 13 * 6 lace frontal wig, on the other hand, will be less difficult to style. In the event that you're looking for something that looks similar to a lace frontal, a T-part lacquer color hair lace closure wigs is a good option to consider. Due to the fact that it has less frontal lace to work with than a closure, it is, however, limited in its functionalities as a closure. Here is where we will go over the steps to make your T-part lace wig appear more natural, which will be covered later in the tutorial.

Assemble your wig and double-check that the headband wigs section corresponds to the section of your own hair that you identified in the first step. Then make a list of everything you want to do in the next few days.

After wrapping the elastic band portion around your head and attaching the slide to the back of your wig to complete the look, your ear tabs should be able to actually and perfectly fit your head.

Step two involves the removal of any excess lace that may have formed.

Third, apply wig glue around the perimeter of the HD lace wigs to keep it in place (this step is optional).

In order to feel more confident in your own skin and appearance, a small amount of foundation can be applied underneath the straight lace front wigs or directly on top around the hairline area.

If the hairline has not been plucked thoroughly enough in the first two steps, move on to step four of the procedure.


Making use of a squeezer, draw a distinct demarcation line between the rest of the hairline and the baby hair to create the illusion of more plucked hair along the hairline.

In the event that you are unsure of how to pluck this unit, simply leave a clean space between the hairline and the location of the baby hair.

In the end, but by no means least, the baby hair should be combed back.

Although many people are apprehensive about installing their wigs, it is an essential step if you want your wig to appear more natural. If you want your wig to appear more natural, even if some people do not care for baby hair or are not interested in the baby hair trend, you will need to use baby hair.

6. Use a light layer of powder to lightly dust the perimeter of the hair and along the parting. 


7.In order to give the appearance of a scalp, the powder should be applied after the baby hairs, in the space between the baby hairs and the rest of the hair. The effect of this is visible up close, and it helps to create a more seamless transition between the rest of your hairstyle and your face.

Finally, apply a small amount of gel to the front of your hairline and parting, and flatten the front of your hairline and parting with a hot comb to complete the look.

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